Picaron is a Branding & Web Design Studio based in Adelaide, Australia but working with businesses anywhere in the world.

Our purpose is to encourage brands to be unique, to proof everybody is capable of living doing what you love and is never too late to start.

And as a LGBT+ and latino couple, we are here to help our community and everybody who celebrates diversity.

picaron studio
picaron studio


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We create custom made designs

Your business deserves to be unique. You won't find any other business with your logo typography, icons, patterns or web design. It's all made from scratch just for your brand following all the traits that makes you different.

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We love what we do

For us is simple, when people love what they do, they became the best at it. We've done different type of jobs, from marketing and customer service jobs to packing mandarins for 12 hours in a day. We think life is short and we should be doing what we love the most, and not just taking the "easy path".

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We believe there is no right age or background to start over

The only thing you need to start your own business is to be passionate about. We get sometimes learning new things can be tricky and time consuming, but we are here to help you with tutorials and videocalls, so you can implement everything we make for your brand.

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Giving back to our community is one of our main goals

We started Picaron Studio with the aim of a new kind of business. Where giving back is there all the time even we still are a small business, wether is through our social media tutorials or through our #givebackpicaron campaign.

We love working with businesses that inspire and that are passionate about what they do

picaron studio
picaron studio

From one small business to another, we are committed to help you grow. We know how hard can be to stand out from all the businesses out there. We have learned it requires a lot of research and analysis, but specially being uniquely you.

Our work takes around 2 to 3 weeks and its because we want go get to know you better, your objectives and believes so we can show them through the designs, wheather is throug a complete branding, some social media assets or a website.


Co-founder | Designer

Hi I'm Lu, I used to think that the design was only for those who knew how to draw really well, and this was one of the reasons I ended up studying Business Administration but here we are, Designing!

Well, if you love something, you must do it! It doesn't matter if you aren't good at the beginning, everything is just practice and eager to learn! Picaron is a dream come true because we not only do what we love, but we have also been able to help many people achieve their dreams. And that gratitude we feel at the end of each project means everything!


Co-founder | Web Designer

Hey, is Val here! You will find me researching a lot for yor brand, I feel we find the first spark there and then Lu make everything comes to life. Also I love building websites, I've never thought I'd do that but I can spend hours and hours enjoying how with some code and logic a beautiful website can be build. I believe your background doesn't define you, and that you can be or learn anything you want.

Ps, besides Picaron Studio my number one hobbie is travelling, following by eating and have a laugh watching Friends.