AKD Professional

Meaningful connections to achieve your goals.

  • Brand Concept
  • Brand Identity
  • Business Card Design

Alicia, founder of AKD Professional, contacted us to develop the branding for her company. She wanted to convey the professionalism and good results that she has been obtaining, but also that her goal is to create connections that last over time and thus support candidates and clients.


After an in-depth questionnaire, analyzing the objectives of AKD Professional, direct and indirect competition, we define the personality of the brand, pillars and the general concept: Meaningful connecrions you achieve your goals.

Based on this concept, we design the visual identity: a main logo, secondary logos, brandmark or icon, pattern and finally we apply the design to a business card and the website.

You can see the use of dark colors that reflect the excellence of the brand, but also the beige color that reflects a brand that is welcoming and warm. The typography and logo convey a modern, friendly, fun but also strong and goal-oriented brand

While the brandmark is based on the connections that exist between AKD Professional, its clients and the candidates.

Construction Base

Picaron Studio Branding Portfolio


Picaron Studio Branding Portfolio
Client Review

I loved working with the Picaron Studio team on my branding and web design. They delivered amazing results for my logo and website and created a brand that feels and looks just right for my company. I would highly recommend their services.

- Alicia Dallisson, Founder.