Distrito Restobar Branding & Social Media Kit

Distrito is a Restobar project located in Huaycan, a suburb in Lima, the capital of Peru, which is looking for offering a fun and cool atmosphere to its customers. During the day it will offer fast food but at night it will be a Bar - Restaurant.

Patty and Jhonny came to us in search of an innovative design that fits the characteristics of the local consumer, as well as the day and night business.

Huaycan has recently been named a District in Lima, it has been an area of immigrants from other provinces of Peru, in search of better opportunities, they have suffered a lot because of terrorism, but even so they have managed to get ahead, mainly thanks to trade. With the Distrito branding we are looking for creating a space that gives Huyacan people thanks for all that effort and that becomes the favorite place in the area.

Un excelente trabajo. En un poco tiempo han hecho un muy buen trabajo. Y sobre todo hacen algo que les gusta. Me he quedado asombrado por su buen trabajo de verdad. Para adelante con Picaron Studio.

- Jhonny Rojas, Distrito Restobar

"An excellent work. In a short time you have done a very good job. And above all you are doing something you like. I was blown away by your really good work."

The Goal

Create a brand concept and visual identity that:
  • - Highlight Distrito's personality: proud, tasty, feisty, friendly, sensitive and more.
  • - Promote being proud of Huaycan.
  • - Shows quality and good vibes.

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