Peruvian Bowls Branding & Social Media Kit

The business of Peruvian Bowls is to sell Peruvian food in the format of menus, which means, ready meals right at your door.

This is a project that means a lot to us, not only because we are proud to show Peruvian food in the world, but because working with Omar and Stefany inspired us a lot to continue growing with Picaron Studio.

Peruvian food is one of the best in the world, highly recognized in Latin America and with many awards won worldwide, but in Australia it is still very rare to find it. But soon we will see changes with Peruvian Bowls and the vision of Omar and Stefany.

The Goal

Create a visual identity and concept for social media that:
  • - Shows peruvian food and culture in a modern, artsy yet clear way.
  • - Have the ingredients as one of the most important elements.
  • - Go according to the chef's personality and values .

That is why in the designs we have reflected elements of Peruvian (Inca) culture, nature and crafts, but in a modern style with intense colors but slightly desaturated that goes with the chef's vibes.

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