Why is a website so important?

We live in a digital world (there is no doubt of that anymore), where we google before making a decision, that means that if our business is not online we are missing opportunities.

Having a website for your business will not only give you an online presence, but it'll give you the credibility and professionalism that can't be fully achieved on social media.

We get it, as small businesses, a website seems like a fairly large investment or perhaps we think it is very difficult to handle if we are not so tech-savvy. However, the reality is that a website is much more important for a small business than for a large one, since it is very likely that there is already someone who is offering services or products similar to yours. Besides, it is a great and long-lasting opportunity (you only need to invest once) to show your brand and everything that makes you unique.

That is why we have built a website template, where the investment or concern of maintaining a website is not an impediment to grow your business with all the possible tools.

AUD 750

Website Template

We built this Template with the purpose of giving small businesses a complete website, which allows you to sale your products without having to make a large investment, which will allow you to compete on equal terms, since you will have the same tools that bigger businesses already have.

In this first edition, we are offering 1 model with 4 variations focused on different types of industries. Click on the live demo versions to explore each one of them. Remember that you can adapt colors, photos, font, text and much more!

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What's Included?

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*We have integrated Shopify Lite in the templates, and you can use it for as little as AUD 12 per month + a fee per transaction. You'll have to pay this direct to Shopify.

**Calendly has a free plan (which we think is pretty good), but if you want more features, the next plan starts at AUD 12 per month.

***With your e-mail provider.


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Frequently asked questions

How much of it is really customizable?
You can change the photos, the colors, the fonts, and more. In some cases, you can add more blocks or sections easily.
In which platform is the template hosted?
We use a platform called Netlify, which is used worldwide for websites, applications, and more platforms made with code.
Are there any extra costs?
The only extra costs come from Shopify if you want to sell online. We use Shopify Lite because it is the cheapest plan and for only AUD 12 per month (the next plan is AUD 39) you can start selling safely. Hosting with Netlify, unlike other platforms, is FREE unless you receive approximately more than 20000 visits per month. On other platforms, plans start at AUD 29 per month.
Can I add more pages?
Yes you can! You can clone any of the pages included in the template. If you want us to build it for you we can do it for an extra fee of AUD 200 per page.
How easy is it to update content?
Reallyyy easy! In this first stage, we'll help you to install everything and add your content, but in the next weeks we'll give you tutorials for future updates. Also, the platform we use is very intuitive so you won't have any problem.
Why choosing a template made with code?
We get coding is a bit complicated to understand. But you don't need to have any contact with it, plus, a coded website gives you a wide range of benefits, starting with the speed. This kind of site loads 3-7 times faster than Wordpress or any other platform, and nowadays this is very important for ranking in Google.
Is it SEO optimized?
We have built this template in some of the fastest and most modern technologies (HTML, CSS, Jvascript and Jekyll if you want to dig deeper), and ticking all the technical boxes for performance and SEO. But we will also give you access to video tutorials where you can learn more about it and keep your site optimized.
Is there any guarantee?
Absolutely! We offer a 30-day guarantee after the launch in case you need any help. Our main priority is that you have a website that allows you to have an online presence and sell more.
How safe will my website be?
Netlify offers a free security certificate. We also use a static system that, in a few words, means that it is almost impossible to hack and, in case there is an error, we always have a backup of your website in the cloud.