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Alicia, AKD Professional's founder, had a strong vision for a personalised website that would perfectly reflect the unique brand we had previously helped her develop. Our task was to shape an engaging online presence that not only stayed true to her brand's essence but also delivered information in a friendly, clear, and professional way. With creativity and online market research, we were all set to make her vision a reality.


Utilising the foundation of the recent crafted brand identity, we have brought to life a tailored website featuring four primary pages. Our vision centered on creating a minimalist digital space that radiates warmth, transparency, and is simple to navigate.

What's exciting is that as AKD Professional grows, they can effortlessly incorporate more services and areas of expertise. And we've tucked away some neat features, like FAQs and reviews, ready to be revealed with just a click when the company is ready.

AKD Professional Custom Website

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Incorporating imagery held significant importance to ensure the presence of high-quality visuals aligned with the brand's colours and welcoming vibe.

The design was thought following the brand objectives, to make the audience understand what is Hakau, where does it come from and the stories behind the allies.

We've also integrated Google Analytics for a comprehensive grasp of consumer insights over time. What's more, the website has been optimised for SEO, providing ample room for the company to refine and implement their SEO strategy.

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Client Review

I loved working with the Picaron Studio team on my branding and web design. They delivered amazing results for my logo and website and created a brand that feels and looks just right for my company. I would highly recommend their services.

- Alicia Dallisson, Founder.