Adelaide through our hearts

Thanks for coming to this post, this is the first collection that Picaron develops as an artist. If you have been able to see our previous work, we specialise in Branding, Web Design and other design pieces that help businesses stand out from their competition.

However, this is an opportunity to express what we feel and what we believe. Technically this collection has been made in the doodle style, but emotionally this has been our inspiration:


We arrived in Australia almost 3 years ago and after living and traveling through different cities we chose Adelaide to study. We have been here for more than 6 months and this is how we see the city, or rather how we feel it.

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This is how we see Adelaide through our hearts

So far we haven’t had the chance to explore Adelaide in depth, but in our daily lives we have come across some iconic elements that have made us love the city.

  1. Koalas: Almost two months after arriving in Adelaide, we were driving through Flagstaff Hill and Lu saw 3 koalas almost in a row sleeping in trees 😍 On the way back we stopped to see them and in my case (Okay) it was the first time I saw a free koala . This is one of the reasons why we are in love with Adelaide.
  2. Gleneg Ferris Wheel: The first time we went out to relax, we went to Gleneg, we had seen it through photos but the vibe of the dock and the view generated by the wheel enchanted us. We love the sea, but here it seemed so accessible, so close to the city and so beautiful.
  3. Rundle Mall: We have been to the Rundle Mall many times, but the one that sticks in our memory is the free concert they gave with Tones and I, we just love it. And of course! We could not miss the sculpture of the little pigs.
  4. The Metro/Tram stations with iconic buildings as background: There is something magical in Adelaide, and despite being a city with all the facilities, such as the bus, tram or train system, you can still see very impressive historical buildings across the city.
  5. Small Businesses: We volunteer for the City of Adelaide, taking the elderly to do their shopping in the Central Market, and we enjoy so much going there! We also see how the city support small businesses and we had to represent them through ice cream carts.
  6. LGBT+ inclusivity: As part of the LGBT+ community we have felt so welcome in Adelaide. We have met the friendliest people here, and that is why this idea is also present in both illustrations, with quotes as “Love is Love” or “Choose who you want”, and being a full color piece.

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